5 Common Tools Used by Artists and Designers

wrench-tool-brown-tiny-app-icon_fyBkx0Ud_LToday the market is flooded with tools that are made for artists and designers. Any design tool can be located but, it is all the more important to select the right tool. There are a few tools that are commonly used by designers and artists.

Every designer as well as artist will need the right tool to do their work with perfection. Excellent tools are available today to enable artists and designers to execute their task with fastness and efficiency. Here are five tools that are preferred by most of the artists and designers.

1Graphic Design On Screen Showing Graphic Designer Or Digital Artist.Graphic Design Software

While designing page layouts, the designers want to ensure that the page appears artistically beautiful and impressive. The Graphic Design Software ensures perfect combination of text and graphics. Apart from handling the graphics the software has typographic control also.

Those who want to design and create newsletters, posters and brochures use the high-end programs for page layouts. The graphic design software is a tool which is commonly used by artists and designers in desktop publishing. They use this tool to lay out the pages. This tool has also nice features for handling text.

2.Adobe IllustratorNX_artist_painting_rear

Adobe Illustrator is a professional tool commonly used by artists and designers. For those who want to design and create a professional website this tool is very essential. Adobe Illustrator is mainly used for creating letter heads, web page layouts and logos. Apart from consumer level programs when high-end web pages are to be designed, the designers opt for the advanced software known as Adobe CS4. The Dreamweaver program for designing can be integrated with Adobe. When designs are created using Adobe Illustrator or Flash, they can be seamlessly exported into Dreamweaver and for this process no third-party software is needed.

Adobe software enables the designers to get a preview of the design that they have created using any of the browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Internet Explorer. With the help of all the advanced features, artists and designers are able to get the best results by using Adobe Illustrator as their professional tool for creation of websites. Adobe Illustrator is one of the most favorite tools of designers and artists. It is a vector based programĀ and the vector graphics can be scaled to any proportion without sacrificing resolution or quality.

3.Image Esearch-images-simplicity-icon_M1YLApUd_Lditor

Artists and designers commonly use Image Editors as valuable tools for creation as well as modification of graphics and photographic images. Image Editor is flexible and intuitive tool that helps the artists and designers in the creation of special effects, conversion and blending of images and for colour enhancement. Photoshop CS4 is one of the best image editors.

Photoshop CS 4 has core image editing features such as color rectification, manipulation and seamless blending of images. When pictures and images require enhancement, the designers depend more on Photoshop. Picasa is another image editor which is a much simpler tool when compared to Photoshop. Designing and creation of high-end web pages require a variety of tools.


Miniature man cleaning camera lens. Macro photo
For artists and graphic designers, a DSLR of good quality is a very important tool. A graphic desig
ner will certainly find it miserable to work without a camera. The designer may not be incorporating his own shots throughout his creations. Most of the shots are used for gathering images that are to be used as textures or backgrounds or for documentation of ideas. A good quality DSLR makes the artist or designe
r well-equipped.

The photos produced by compact digital camera get speckles on them known as digital noise. But the photos by DSLR are free of digital noise and as a result the picture is of much better quality. Another great advantage is that DSLR can take pictures in RAW
mode. When in RAW mode, the camera is able to gather more details and it offers more flexibility while editing the photos. In all situations, the DSLR will focus on the subject much faster than compact digital camera. In low light the speed of DSLR is more obvious. DSLR has lenses with wide apertures. The apertures are wider than the zoom lenses of compact digital camera. As a result shutter speed will be more thereby allowing more light into the camera. Also the photographer will be able to control the depth of field in the photo.


Image Optim

Image Optim is a free open source tool used by web designers for optimizing the size of images. Once optimized, the images occupy less disk space and get loaded very quickly. This tool facilitates removal of unwanted colour profiles. Image Optim can manage JPEG, GIF and PNG. The various optimization tools such as PNGOUT, extended Opti PNG and JPEG tran are seamlessly integrated by Image Optim. Image Optim is the ideal tool for publishing images on the web. MAC and iPhone applications are made smaller by Image Optim. Method of using this tool is very simple and easy. The images or folders are just to be dragged and dropped into the window.